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Wedding Policies and Procedures
Faymont Baptist Church
3663 Cumberland Rd.
Fayetteville, NC  28306 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Weddings in our church are worship ceremonies and all elements have significance.  The pastor will be glad to help you plan your service so that it will be honoring to God, beautiful, and memorable.

May God’s richest blessings be on you both as you become one in Him.

General Church Wedding Policies:

  • Weddings at Faymont Baptist Church are held for unions between a man and a woman
  • There is NO alcohol or tobacco allowed in the buildings or on the church property.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the sanctuary.
  • No dancing is permitted on church property
  • A wedding consultant has been appointed by the church to help the bridal couple in making arrangements for the church portion of the wedding.  ALL weddings are to be under the direction of the consultant, however, the consultant does not assist in the actual planning of the wedding or the reception.
  • The consultant will be present for the wedding rehearsal and the wedding.
  • Dates the church is NOT available for weddings:
    • Presidents’ Day weekend
    • Easter weekend
    • Mothers’ Day weekend
    • Memorial Day weekend
    • Fathers’ Day weekend
    • Independence Day weekend
    • Labor Day weekend
    • Thanksgiving weekend
    • Christmas weekend
    • New Year’s weekend
  • The date must be scheduled with the church at least six weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Wedding and wedding rehearsals will NOT be scheduled that would conflict with church activities.
  • The church is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • No furniture may be moved without permission of the wedding consultant.
  • Childcare is NOT provided.
  • It is the responsibility of the wedding party to make sure that cleanup is completely done after the wedding and reception.  The building must be restored to the original condition as approved by the wedding consultant.  The facility deposit may be held if the wedding party fails to comply with this policy.
  • Replacement or repair of damages will be at the expense of the wedding party.


Wedding Fees
Building Facilities Deposit $100  ** $500  **
Sanctuary Freewill offering $250
Fellowship Hall Freewill offering $250
Kitchen Freewill offering $100
Custodian Fee $50 Included
Church Wedding Consultant Appreciation gift $200
Minister Appreciation gift Appreciation gift
Pianist Negotiated with Pianist Negotiated with Pianist
Audio/Visual (video projector, sound system in Fellowship Hall, computer, DVD, etc) $50 $50
Sound Engineer *** Appreciation gift $75

*  Member includes immediate family only – parent, child, sibling living with church member

**  Required to hold the date on the church calendar.  If no damage to church property occurs during the rehearsal, wedding, or reception, the deposit will be refunded by mail.

***  Required if sound system is used or music is played other than pianist.

Reservations for Wedding

  • Call the church office at 910-425-7108 to make an appointment with the pastor.
  • Set the date and time with the pastor and submit the deposit to get the date on the church calendar at least six weeks prior to the wedding.
  • Fill out wedding forms and room reservation sheet and submit to the church secretary.  All forms must be completed no less than one month prior to the wedding.
  • If a minister from outside the church is to conduct or assist in the ceremony, notify the pastor with their name and contact information at least one month prior to the wedding
  • All applicable fees must be paid in full at least one month prior to the wedding.

Flowers and Decorations

  • You will need to contact the florist of your choice to decide on flowers, greenery, decorations, candelabra, candles, columns, kneeling benches, or unity candles for your wedding.  Our sanctuary is very lovely and needs little added decorations for a beautiful wedding.
  • In order to protect our facilities, no nails, tacks, staples, pins, or anything that will damage the woodwork or paint may be used.  Tape may be used to mark the standing position of the wedding party as approved by the wedding consultant.  No tape may be used on walls or pews.  No candles may be attached on pews unless they are in fixtures.  Bows may be used to mark family pews.
  • The wedding consultant will coordinate the moving of the pulpit, chairs and greenery at the front of the church unless otherwise requested.  Any other furnishings you desire moved or items you desire to be brought in must have the approval of the wedding consultant.
  • Please call the wedding consultant to schedule your florist’s delivery so the building will be unlocked.
  • The florist’s equipment must be removed immediately after the wedding.

Wedding Director

  • It is advisable to secure a wedding director to help you plan your wedding and direct your rehearsal and ceremony.  Your director should be given these policies and should contact the church office or wedding consultant at least one month prior to the wedding to coordinate activities. 


  • Faymont’s Minister of Music must approve all music and will be happy to confer with you about appropriate selections.  Selections of music should be made at least one month prior to the wedding.
  • The wedding music should be God-honoring and invoke God’s blessings on the marriage.  Secular romantic music, popular songs, or Broadway-type songs are usually inappropriate in a sacred service.  Music should be suitable for a Sunday service of worship.
  • Soloists should bring their music in the desired key or their accompaniment CD and meet with the pianist or sound engineer at least 1 hour prior to the wedding time or rehearsal.
  • If a pianist is desired, the Minister of Music will provide contact information for our pianist for you to coordinate the date and any fees.

Photography and Videography 

The ceremony of Christian marriage is a sacred occasion where a man and woman enter into solemn covenant with God and with each other in the presence of family, friends, and members of the community of faith.  The purpose of the ceremony, like that of every worship service, is to praise and glorify God.

Faymont Baptist Church welcomes both professional and amateur photography provided it does not distract attention from worship.  To provide couples and their families with photo and video opportunities in keeping with the sanctity and integrity of the worship service, we have established the following policies.

  • The photographer must conclude pre-wedding photos in the sanctuary 45 minutes prior to the wedding start time
  • Video cameras may be used without spotlights.  We ask that the videographer remain stationary during the ceremony.
  • All photography personnel must be in appropriate attire of a wedding.
  • Flashes are not permitted in the sanctuary during the ceremony.  They may be used during the procession and recession.
  • Photographers and videographers may not be on or in front of the altar (stage) area or in the front aisles during the ceremony.
  • Video cameras may be used from the back of the sanctuary, the balcony, or from the choir loft with permission of the pastor and/or wedding consultant.

Fellowship Hall and Kitchen

  • Our Fellowship Hall is available for use for the rehearsal dinner and for the reception with additional fees.  Table and chair setup and any furniture movement must be done by the wedding party under the direction of the wedding consultant.
  • Use of the kitchen is also available for an additional fee.  The fee includes use of the ice machine, refrigerators, microwave, and stoves.
  • No equipment may be removed from the kitchen.
  • The wedding party or caterer must provide all plastic ware, paper products, linens, cups, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • The wedding party or caterer must clean counters, stoves, remove all leftover food, sweep floors, remove trash, and leave the kitchen and/or Fellowship Hall clean and in order.
  • If Audio/Visual needs are required in the Fellowship Hall, they will be at an additional cost.